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Jane Hart from the Center for Learning & Performance Technology in the UK compiled this comprehensive  list of digital learning tools using the input

susanna oreskovic‘s insight:

Are you part of the new “creative age” where learning is networked, interactive and self-directed. Of the list of the top 100 learning tools how many do you use and know of; 50, 30, 10? Being familiar with at least a third of the tools on the list you can count yourself as engaged with the information technology. Now what will you do with it? Information is just data and it needs a human and their creative mind to turn it into something of value, something that makes sense of our world and shows us the relationships between things. We live in a relative world and we experience our world physically.

Think about that. How can you contribute in this creative age?

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What Kind Of Curation Site Should You Use?

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Deanna Dahlsad designed this simple decision-tree to help differentiate between different Content Curation platforms and which one you should use as a business user.


I found this interesting as it’s one of the first ones I see that made this obvious and simple differentiation between the different platforms out there. I’m not sure I would describe Scoop.it as article-based (we obviously have large pictures, infographics, videos or SlideShare presentations that are not articles) but I can see where she’s coming from and her intention: if the content you curate is not 100% image, “image-based eye-candy” is not enough.  

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