Looking for the Q?

Q squashQ ringQ Paint

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The thing about creativity is that it really is a state of mind. One of the simplest ways to engage with your creativity is to get out there and observe. Observation may seem so innocuous but it is the cornerstone of how we might get that innovative spark. What others miss or overlook we can see. What genius. So simple a concept, so powerful, yet many people are completely blind to it.

I took this challenge to go out and look for the Q. Today I went out without a particular place to go. All I had in mind was to keep my eyes open and to find letters in my surroundings. I thought about where I could find objects or things that resembled this unique letter. My first thought was “What could possibly look like a Q?” My mind wasn’t tuned in yet and I drew a blank. But as I mulled it over in my mind, exercising that creative muscle, what I thought was going to be difficult, in fact wasn’t so hard when you think about what a Q really is. It’s just a circle with a stick. That could be anything. So off I went.

The first thing I saw was a those plastic pull tags that seal around the cap of a milk jug or juice bottle. It looked just like a Q. It was right there in front of my eyes. Everywhere I looked I started seeing all kinds of letters– in tree branches, in railings, in floor tiles, and benches.

The secret to being more creative is first to look and see. How observant are you? Are you missing out on opportunities because you are too wrapped up in your own mind. Get out there and start looking for found letters. Make a project of it and do the whole alphabet. It will really get you seeing what is already in front of your eyes.

The Deepest Source of Motivation

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Forget the carrot and stick. Motivation and innovation come from a desire to help.

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Ask yourself the question WHY. Why are you doing your job? Why are you putting in the hours? Why are you doing what you do? Answer that and you have your core motivators, your true value that will lead you to your happiness and life satisfaction. The “why” is the motivation. Leaders who know this will have more engaged people. If you know your “why” you will be happier and more successful. It’s not what motivates you but why do you do it that is the source of motivation. Ask why.

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The Power of Imagination

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Jay Walker, founder of Priceline and curator of TEDMED, on the fuel that drives innovation.

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What causes companies to be cautious, to endlessly do reviews, get approvals or wait for test market results? It’s what makes change so slow. People want to be right, to know it will work, they want certainty of a good outcome for their effort. This however, dulls experimentation, it creates conformity and does not allow people to safely express their creativity and imagination. Without imagination there can not be any innovation, or new and better way of doing things.

A look into history can provide an amusing perspective. We accept that official records exist and a person must have a death certificate to be considered dead. This process has nothing to do with the actual fact that someone is dead. Because the King was tired of hearing people were dead from the plague and could not pay their taxes, the brilliant idea came about to issue death certificates.

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Overthinking and Your Child-Like Mind

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Creativity comes naturally to children. We begin to lose it as we start to learn and knowledge becomes our reference point. We think without seeing, without being open to other ways of thiinking. Without overthinking how would you solve the ques­tion in the image above. Give it a try.

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