Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find my musings on our contemporary world as it relates the ideas of creativity, the structures of our society, our future vision and the grand adventure this is sure to be. I am an observer of human thought and behaviour and am curious to see how we use our creative nature to make our world the way it is or dream of what we want it to be. We have lives to live, jobs to work, dreams to fulfil and lessons to learn. We are physical humans in this world with a limitless imagination. How far will imagination take us? How do our ideas transform into our physical world? How does this work, where does it come from? What can we learn by tuning into the infinite creativity within all of us and how can we put it all together to create our society and world? Through art, popular culture and current thought on business leadership and organizational behaviour, we can explore ideas of creativity and how this plays out in our world. As they say it’s not the destination that counts. So stick around for the journey, it’s sure to be an adventurous one!