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Years ago I came upon Michael Bungay Stanier who put together The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun. As I was clearing out clutter that mysteriously seems to build up, I again came across my notes on these irresistible principles of fun.

Between you and me it was the promise of more fun that really drew me in. If it’s not fun then what’s the point.

You can check the 9 minute video on YouTube but here is a rundown on the 8 principles.

Get focused

  1. Stop hiding who you are. Find out who you are, then turn up the volume and be yourself.
  2. Start being intensely selfish – What impact or legacy do you want to have? Don’t waste your time on anything else.

Be creative

3.  Stop following the rules. Pretty much all rules are negotiable. It’s about what can you do.

4. Start scaring yourself – explore, be bold, outrageous. Seek out adventure.

Use your wisdom

5. Stop taking it all so damn seriously. It’s not life or death. Lighten up.

6. Start getting rid of the crap, the things, habits, memories, attitudes, people who weigh you down.

Take Action

7. Stop being busy. It doesn’t mean you are on the right track. If your digging in the wrong hole, stop digging.

8. Start something. Don’t wait for permission. There are always reasons to procrastinate. Just start.

"Fun, off the job keeps him on the Job&qu...

So many of us get so wrapped up in our work or the dramas that encircle our lives that we forget why we are here on this planet. I’d like to think we are here to experience everything life has to offer and a good part of that should be fun. I hope these 8 simple steps inspire you to just start something and have a helluva good time doing it.

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How a Belief outperforms a Plan every-time

pink eggs

The word Belief remained on my tongue as I read an article about marketing. The idea being, that in selling anything from ideas to products, you start not from “what you do” but “why you do it”.

These are your belief statements. The why of what you do is your belief, and people buy into that belief. A great example is Apple computers. They make computers, yet people don’t buy an Apple computer, they buy into the belief that having their products makes them creative, and the products themselves are easy to use, beautifully designed and fun.

Start with the word Believe as your personal way of looking at the world. If you engage people with what you believe in, you tap into something very powerful.

sabbatical to do listHere’s how to begin.

  1. Write, “I believe in” at the top of a page, then,
  2. Make a list of everything and anything that completes the sentence,
  3. Keep going until you run out of ideas or the page is full.

Why for me:

Once done, your “I believe in” statements become a very powerful statement of who you are. Pick a few that moved you and say them out loud to yourself to create and gain personal empowerment.

Business Students washing up Siskontyttö-statueWhy for my company:

Go one step further. Use these powerful statements in your business for creating your unique vision and marketing statement. This is what people are buying from you; what your product stands for and why it exists. Or on the flip side, maybe you work in a company and have to deal with other employees. How does the team work together? Does motivation and cohesiveness wane at times? By looking at the question of what people believe in we may get to the root of a problem. Understanding the values in the team we may uncover answers to questions  such as: Why are we here and why are we putting in all these hours in? To gain more motivation, create ‘The belief statements’.

Why for the world:

Now for those of you that love to stretch an idea to the nth degree, let’s go even further. From a societal point of view, there almost seems like a crisis of consciousness, which essentially is a crisis of belief. What do we believe in our society?  Right now we believe the world is in rapid change, constant flux, imminent threat of terrorism and danger. This is how we believe our world is today. If we turn that around and say, we believe we are all connected, we believe we have the power of common consciousness, we believe that one person can make a difference, through social networking and exposure they can have now. If that is your belief system then you can change the world simply by saying what you believe in and gathering support from others that believe in you as well.

Martin Luther King did not say “I have a plan” He had a belief, a dream. A plan is a step-by-step action that almost no-one cares about. I have a plan does not create an emotional engagement. “I believe in” has an emotional engagement. And at a fundamental level people are emotional creatures. We are motivated by our emotional needs. We need to believe.

ah-has-in-brain-1a--richardstep-unleash-your-s...Why do it:

The word Believe is a very powerful word and how we use it and manifest in our lives can give us personal growth, personal empowerment, provide connections with people, create business success, both with the clients externally and internally with the people working for you.

Think about what you believe in. Write it out. Say it out loud. While planning is important, even more important is connecting to that inner voice that always asks “why”. I believe this simple “I believe in” exercise will move you to places that no rational plan ever could. And if you just need a little nudge here and there, be sure to send me a message by email, twitter or comment on the blog. I will respond to you because that is one of the things I believe in.

The Deepest Source of Motivation

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Forget the carrot and stick. Motivation and innovation come from a desire to help.

susanna oreskovic‘s insight:

Ask yourself the question WHY. Why are you doing your job? Why are you putting in the hours? Why are you doing what you do? Answer that and you have your core motivators, your true value that will lead you to your happiness and life satisfaction. The “why” is the motivation. Leaders who know this will have more engaged people. If you know your “why” you will be happier and more successful. It’s not what motivates you but why do you do it that is the source of motivation. Ask why.

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3 Steps to Overcoming Your Self-Doubts – Huffington Post

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3 Steps to Overcoming Your Self-DoubtsHuffington PostFor me they were: relationships, creativity, and social life. Now ask yourself, “Are these the three areas where I spend most of my time?” I’m guessing not.

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Living in little boxes


Our boxes manifested.



Today I find myself here at my computer, writing. Finally. How long has this road been and is it just a step along my search to expressing my unique creativity and dreams? In thinking about this, I tried to trace what was it that had me toiling for decades in the 9 to 5 work-o-drama that is a corporate job. One job led to another, each one a successive rung higher on the proverbial ladder. My thoughts landed on the choices we make. Our choices in life are many, a multitude of options as vast as the universe. Each of these choices directs us down a certain path and we have absolutely no idea of where it will lead us. I considered the choices of my life; the direction of my studies, the people I choose to meet, the food I choose to eat, the activities I choose to do and every other choice right down to the routines I’ve set for myself. All that I have done has led me to this moment. I am present in the moment, quiet and still and yet I continue to make choices. What am I thinking of, am I hungry enough to get something to eat? The constant chatter does not allow my mind to be empty. With some practice or experience or perhaps wisdom of age, we all can learn to observe our thoughts, behaviours and ourselves. In youth, it seems we do not have this chatter of judgement and self-criticism. We just enjoy the moment, the joys of being and playing. Societal norms and expectations are imposed upon us, or rather we internalize them. To counteract and balance what is expected of us, we must ensure that personal empowerment, positivity and encouragement in our creative expressions are acknowledged. We collectively like to compare and judge and in the process we place higher value on certain activities. How impressed we may be when a child does a complex math problem or makes it on the science club. Do we have the same level of praise when they do an impromptu song or draw an interesting scene? These seemingly insignificant acts of expression build the foundations of future possibilities.


We are all creative by our very nature of being alive. Our bodies are in a state of constant creation with each cell renewal. We live in a natural world that creates and recreates itself all the time. Why is it then that we do not spend enough public discourse or value on our place in the world, our natural world? We are an extension of it. Our cities are not designed to coexist with nature. We remove ourselves from it. We cut ourselves off from this Life force and put ourselves into boxes. We are forever putting ourselves into boxes. Whether physically in homes or offices that literally are boxes to our societal norms that we must each fit into a neat category of who we are. Even with our inner life we may ignore or discount that little voice inside trying to get us to pay attention to our dreams. Instead of allowing it to develop, to explore where it takes us, we box up the thought for fear of ‘pick yours that apply’ and move it neatly to the back of our mind.


I have been rooting around in these boxes. They are not so solid and just by looking at them they disintegrate, as would something so old and fragile disintegrates just by touching it. As people search for happiness, they seek it in external goods, status and such. Some might opt for meditation. It is a matter of perspective and what you choose to see. Everything else is shrouded by fear and this fear wants to put things into boxes, neatly put it away, control things and convince itself it is happy. Eventually we glace back at the boxes and see that it is painful to deny our dreams. What we can do is start to observe where we are living. Not just the physical location but where we exist in mind, body and spirit and take a look at what boxes we have created for ourselves. While we have physical limitations, our creative ideas, thoughts and dreams are unbounded. The colloquial saying may be ‘think outside the box’. I’d rather say ‘forget the box entirely!’.