Are you ready for Superhero change?

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Fast forward to a scenario like this; our superhero is captured by the evil villain bent on world domination who inevitably declares, prepare to be diced, spliced, destroyed or otherwise DIE. Ah, the life of a superhero, rife with conflict both against the villain and within themselves. This conflict fuels a desire for change.

As we contemplate our next step either for ourselves or for others, we often ask if we are ready for change. What does this mean? Any changes that we want to see happen or that we may feel is happening to us are all part of the process in becoming a better person or a stronger superhero. We each have a unique superpower, a unique trait that can be used for good.

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Part of the internal conflict that may be raging is that nagging feeling that you are more than what you are doing right now. Even if you are a cubicle dweller for the moment you can still hone and develop that superpower. Find every opportunity to use your powers. Are you the go to person for specific information, do you rally others in a cause, can you diffuse tense situations, do you come up with awesome ideas? There may be others around you that can spot your talents in action but you can’t be sure. You’ll have to don your cape and tights, figuratively of course, and show the world what you can do. A superhero has to be seen.

A desire to change may have stemmed from some form of conflict but it’s really your decision on how to approach it that matters. Embracing your unique strengths, working on using them, always getting better and learning are ways for you to get ready for change when it comes up. Change is another word for opportunity. When opportunity shows up you’ll be ready.


We think we want a peaceful and happy life without conflict, however we actually need some level of conflict and stress in our lives. It’s a good stress that stretches us to reach for bigger goals and dreams, to self-actualize and make the world a better place.

Embrace your inner superhero, go out and change the world, and believe in yourself to meet head on any challenges or challengers because, as we all know, the superhero always prevails.

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vintage social networking

vintage social networking

vintage social networking.

Social networking today is just another expression of how we communicate. Our needs for connection remain the same but the manner in which we do it changes. The cartoons by Wrong Hands is a funny glimpse into the past yet linked to the future.

Think about how this idea relates to the word “Change“. Some people fear change for loss of something, something they feel vested in. Change need not be feared because it is inevitable and is part of our collective progress and development. When you really think about it things don’t change in a fundamental way. We still need to share and communicate with one another and be made to feel we are part of some larger community. When facing new changes or a challenge, stop for a moment, and consider what has fundamentally changed and what has remained the same but just looks different. With this viewpoint I’m certain you will have a more positive outlook on life and actually look forward to what new adventures await you.

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