Are you ready for Superhero change?

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Fast forward to a scenario like this; our superhero is captured by the evil villain bent on world domination who inevitably declares, prepare to be diced, spliced, destroyed or otherwise DIE. Ah, the life of a superhero, rife with conflict both against the villain and within themselves. This conflict fuels a desire for change.

As we contemplate our next step either for ourselves or for others, we often ask if we are ready for change. What does this mean? Any changes that we want to see happen or that we may feel is happening to us are all part of the process in becoming a better person or a stronger superhero. We each have a unique superpower, a unique trait that can be used for good.

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Part of the internal conflict that may be raging is that nagging feeling that you are more than what you are doing right now. Even if you are a cubicle dweller for the moment you can still hone and develop that superpower. Find every opportunity to use your powers. Are you the go to person for specific information, do you rally others in a cause, can you diffuse tense situations, do you come up with awesome ideas? There may be others around you that can spot your talents in action but you can’t be sure. You’ll have to don your cape and tights, figuratively of course, and show the world what you can do. A superhero has to be seen.

A desire to change may have stemmed from some form of conflict but it’s really your decision on how to approach it that matters. Embracing your unique strengths, working on using them, always getting better and learning are ways for you to get ready for change when it comes up. Change is another word for opportunity. When opportunity shows up you’ll be ready.


We think we want a peaceful and happy life without conflict, however we actually need some level of conflict and stress in our lives. It’s a good stress that stretches us to reach for bigger goals and dreams, to self-actualize and make the world a better place.

Embrace your inner superhero, go out and change the world, and believe in yourself to meet head on any challenges or challengers because, as we all know, the superhero always prevails.

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The Power of Imagination

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Jay Walker, founder of Priceline and curator of TEDMED, on the fuel that drives innovation.

susanna oreskovic‘s insight:

What causes companies to be cautious, to endlessly do reviews, get approvals or wait for test market results? It’s what makes change so slow. People want to be right, to know it will work, they want certainty of a good outcome for their effort. This however, dulls experimentation, it creates conformity and does not allow people to safely express their creativity and imagination. Without imagination there can not be any innovation, or new and better way of doing things.

A look into history can provide an amusing perspective. We accept that official records exist and a person must have a death certificate to be considered dead. This process has nothing to do with the actual fact that someone is dead. Because the King was tired of hearing people were dead from the plague and could not pay their taxes, the brilliant idea came about to issue death certificates.

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How to Wipe Out your Business by Choosing the Wrong Color | Inbound Marketing Agency

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Win or lose in your business, color choice decides.

Our relationship with color is that we are blind to it for it is right in front of our eyes. We live in a world of color yet do we consciously see color. Train your eye and the world will blossom. Use this in your business branding effectively and people will respond because they can’t help it. And those that can see the colorful world, what joy each day must be.

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What Kind Of Curation Site Should You Use?

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Deanna Dahlsad designed this simple decision-tree to help differentiate between different Content Curation platforms and which one you should use as a business user.


I found this interesting as it’s one of the first ones I see that made this obvious and simple differentiation between the different platforms out there. I’m not sure I would describe as article-based (we obviously have large pictures, infographics, videos or SlideShare presentations that are not articles) but I can see where she’s coming from and her intention: if the content you curate is not 100% image, “image-based eye-candy” is not enough.  

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