Are you ready for Superhero change?

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Fast forward to a scenario like this; our superhero is captured by the evil villain bent on world domination who inevitably declares, prepare to be diced, spliced, destroyed or otherwise DIE. Ah, the life of a superhero, rife with conflict both against the villain and within themselves. This conflict fuels a desire for change.

As we contemplate our next step either for ourselves or for others, we often ask if we are ready for change. What does this mean? Any changes that we want to see happen or that we may feel is happening to us are all part of the process in becoming a better person or a stronger superhero. We each have a unique superpower, a unique trait that can be used for good.

Cubicles in a now-defunct co-working space in ...

Part of the internal conflict that may be raging is that nagging feeling that you are more than what you are doing right now. Even if you are a cubicle dweller for the moment you can still hone and develop that superpower. Find every opportunity to use your powers. Are you the go to person for specific information, do you rally others in a cause, can you diffuse tense situations, do you come up with awesome ideas? There may be others around you that can spot your talents in action but you can’t be sure. You’ll have to don your cape and tights, figuratively of course, and show the world what you can do. A superhero has to be seen.

A desire to change may have stemmed from some form of conflict but it’s really your decision on how to approach it that matters. Embracing your unique strengths, working on using them, always getting better and learning are ways for you to get ready for change when it comes up. Change is another word for opportunity. When opportunity shows up you’ll be ready.


We think we want a peaceful and happy life without conflict, however we actually need some level of conflict and stress in our lives. It’s a good stress that stretches us to reach for bigger goals and dreams, to self-actualize and make the world a better place.

Embrace your inner superhero, go out and change the world, and believe in yourself to meet head on any challenges or challengers because, as we all know, the superhero always prevails.

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How an adventurer starts a new venture

A Blue-footed Booby on Santa Cruz, Galapagos I...

A Blue-footed Booby on Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I am preparing for my eco-tourism trip to the Galapagos. As I mill around in my mind what I need to bring along to ensure my comfort and what activities I will be doing, I come to realize that I am using the very same process that goes into reaching a goal for any new endeavor. Travel is a great educator. Travel allows us to push our comfort zone, learn something new and experience how other people live. Travel has a destination, decided upon activities and goals, and when you look over your photos you are reliving the experience and putting it into context of your life.

Anything you do in life can be viewed as a voyage. Aside from the researching, booking and itinerary setting which is akin to the beginning stages of a venture such as the business plan and launching, here I’d like to focus on our frame of mind.

Goal Setting

Step 1: Envision what I will be doing  –  I imagine each part of the trip, from the plane ride, to the type of locale, to the activities I will be doing. I consider the climate, the altitude and what and how I will be carrying. Creating a vision or dream of what I want and how I want that experience to be is an important first step. The vision sets up the parameters of what I want. From there I can make adjustments and be flexible. I have no control of how actual events will unfold but I can control my own actions and perceptions.

Step 2: Establish my target or goal  –  While there are so many things to see and do we must choose based on constraints such as time, money or distance. By focusing on my goals and selecting what is most important I can then be more targeted and effective in reaching them.

Step 3: Plan my resources  –  Landing in Quito, Ecuador and exploring a few days we will be dealing with altitude just shy of 10,000 feet. It may be at the equator but at this elevation it’s much cooler and we may briefly experience headaches, thirst, and fatigue. This affects our choice of what to bring. Planning my resources involves deciding what I need, considering whether I have it, can acquire it, buy it or borrow it.

Step 4: Go through with it  –  As we travel we will undoubtedly be faced with unexpected situations. Knowing my surroundings, what resources I have will help in quickly solving the problem.

camera journal

Step 5: Document your experience  –  I hope to take great photos and write a travel journal. I can then take the experience and lessons learned forward to other exciting adventures. Reviewing our experiences allows reflection and provides insights which is where the learning from travel comes from.

Now, if you re-read the steps again and put yourself in the first person, reading from the “I” point of view, you may notice I am not really talking about my trip but just maybe your new venture or project.

Consider your next challenge, your next business venture, your next strategic partnership or alliance as an adventure trip. Adventures are not tackled headstrong without any foresight or planning. Sure there is a process to it but I would argue a good part of a great adventure is one’s attitude.


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Whether you are looking for a new perspective or tackling a challenge, as a Certified Coach Practitioner coming from decades of consulting as a CPA, I combine my knowledge of business processes, leadership and creativity with my unique creative problem solving framework to help you be creative, grow, transform and succeed. I’d love to chat with you today.

How to make your dreams come true


Every now and again we may dream of something wonderful, a travel destination, a new fulfilling job, a meaningful relationship. Oh, how we wish it to come true. Then what happens? We may dismiss this as daydreaming never truly believing it could come true. We may unwittingly feel fear of uncertainty or change and unconsciously decide it’s safer to do nothing. Slowly and surely this cycle of self-doubt and fear starts welling up.


At first glance we see a large insurmountable gap between our current place in the world and the dreamed about state. Certainly there is a gap since there is always a space between being here and getting there. Between fear and doubt we begin to feel discouraged. This type of thinking, if kept unchecked can result in a life unfulfilled. We end up not going for our dreams but accepting what others decide will happen to us. And without fueling the activities that fire us up and create passion, with self-doubt and insecurities getting the better of us we may find ourselves sad, depressed, even bewildered. But of course we don’t admit this because we tend to rationalize our behaviour and thoughts. We become disconnected with ourselves and stop being a creative human being and become more of an existing and doing automaton.

Let’s turn this cycle around. If you are dreaming you are a creative being. Here are some of my antidotes to help cure these ills:

Fear: We experience fear when we don’t know what will happen or feel we have no control. In actual reality we have absolutely no control of our future, of what will actually happen. What we can control is our thinking and reaction to it and its events. We can only feel some control in situations that are familiar to us. Antidote- Take baby steps in what you fear to familiarize yourself how it feels. Remind yourself that you can only control yourself and your mindset, everything else is just someone’s perception of reality.

Doubt: In any new venture you may feel doubtful of your abilities. Perhaps you are a perfectionist or fear embarrassment. One thing is for certain; no-one starts out being an expert. Babies don’t gracefully run, they waddle then try to walk, and try again, and try again, and try again. Antidote: By the very act of just doing it, regardless of how good you feel about it, will quickly make you better than before. So recognize your doubts are just fear whispering to you and just do, and do it again, and do it again, and do it again.

Elixir (album)Here is a keynote speech I recently watched on How to make your dreams come true.


How I can help you:

Whether you are looking for a new perspective or tackling a challenge, as a Certified Coach Practitioner coming from decades of consulting as a CPA, I combine my knowledge of business processes, leadership and creativity with my unique creative problem solving framework to help you be creative, grow, transform and succeed. I’d love to chat with you today.

How a Belief outperforms a Plan every-time

pink eggs

The word Belief remained on my tongue as I read an article about marketing. The idea being, that in selling anything from ideas to products, you start not from “what you do” but “why you do it”.

These are your belief statements. The why of what you do is your belief, and people buy into that belief. A great example is Apple computers. They make computers, yet people don’t buy an Apple computer, they buy into the belief that having their products makes them creative, and the products themselves are easy to use, beautifully designed and fun.

Start with the word Believe as your personal way of looking at the world. If you engage people with what you believe in, you tap into something very powerful.

sabbatical to do listHere’s how to begin.

  1. Write, “I believe in” at the top of a page, then,
  2. Make a list of everything and anything that completes the sentence,
  3. Keep going until you run out of ideas or the page is full.

Why for me:

Once done, your “I believe in” statements become a very powerful statement of who you are. Pick a few that moved you and say them out loud to yourself to create and gain personal empowerment.

Business Students washing up Siskontyttö-statueWhy for my company:

Go one step further. Use these powerful statements in your business for creating your unique vision and marketing statement. This is what people are buying from you; what your product stands for and why it exists. Or on the flip side, maybe you work in a company and have to deal with other employees. How does the team work together? Does motivation and cohesiveness wane at times? By looking at the question of what people believe in we may get to the root of a problem. Understanding the values in the team we may uncover answers to questions  such as: Why are we here and why are we putting in all these hours in? To gain more motivation, create ‘The belief statements’.

Why for the world:

Now for those of you that love to stretch an idea to the nth degree, let’s go even further. From a societal point of view, there almost seems like a crisis of consciousness, which essentially is a crisis of belief. What do we believe in our society?  Right now we believe the world is in rapid change, constant flux, imminent threat of terrorism and danger. This is how we believe our world is today. If we turn that around and say, we believe we are all connected, we believe we have the power of common consciousness, we believe that one person can make a difference, through social networking and exposure they can have now. If that is your belief system then you can change the world simply by saying what you believe in and gathering support from others that believe in you as well.

Martin Luther King did not say “I have a plan” He had a belief, a dream. A plan is a step-by-step action that almost no-one cares about. I have a plan does not create an emotional engagement. “I believe in” has an emotional engagement. And at a fundamental level people are emotional creatures. We are motivated by our emotional needs. We need to believe.

ah-has-in-brain-1a--richardstep-unleash-your-s...Why do it:

The word Believe is a very powerful word and how we use it and manifest in our lives can give us personal growth, personal empowerment, provide connections with people, create business success, both with the clients externally and internally with the people working for you.

Think about what you believe in. Write it out. Say it out loud. While planning is important, even more important is connecting to that inner voice that always asks “why”. I believe this simple “I believe in” exercise will move you to places that no rational plan ever could. And if you just need a little nudge here and there, be sure to send me a message by email, twitter or comment on the blog. I will respond to you because that is one of the things I believe in.

Getting Juicy

Running by Coolidge Corner

Starting. In starting anything there will always feel a resistance, an initial inertia. This is a universal principle of physics. Everything in our universe is always in motion, and to help that along there needs some sort of lubrication, conductor or magnetic field. We see this in mechanical machines, planetary bodies as well as living things. In your own body saliva, mucus, cartilage and the like help our bodies move nutrients around, to defend against infections and give a smooth range of motion. Why is it then that given these wonderful systems that when we exert ourselves whether by exercise or otherwise that we experience resistance and tension within our bodies. It’s a matter of physics.

Get past the sludge:
While I don’t purport to know very much about physics it makes sense to me that our bodies are as much susceptible to the laws of physics, nature and the universe as any other creature or thing. Just because we have a mind and can think our way out of situations doesn’t mean we are not limited by our physicality. This is what came cross my mind as I was running around the track at the park. The first few minutes feel sludgy. It’s analogous to when you pull out the “lots of pulp” O.J. from the fridge and have to shake it up before drinking. This shaking-it-up and getting past the sludge to get the juices flowing is the same with our bodies. The first few minutes of a run must get past the inertia where we feel our bodies “wake-up” and hopefully get to a state of flow.

Making Goop Gak Lourdie 7th Birthday Party Dec...

Our old ideas:
It is the same mechanism in any endeavour we do. The first tune we hum, the first bird house we build, the first painting we create, the first cake we bake. Initially it takes more energy to get over the inertia to get momentum going. The first attempts are what I call sludge. The stuff that was lying around in our head, full of old assumptions, expectations and the most obvious ideas. We don’t have our creative juices flowing and are dealing with not only learning the new task but figuring out how to make it our own. This drive to contribute and make something of our own is so ingrained and primal. Just look at children eagerly wanting to try the new crayons, the new toy or what-have-you.

seagate momentus MACBOOK PRO LEGO

Momentus ideas:
In whatever project you are engaged in, and your regular day job being one of them, you will inevitably be faced with a task, a challenge and need to come up with ideas and ways to address it. You may be solely tasked with this or more likely than not you will have collaborators whether within your regular team or from cross functional teams. What first comes to mind is brainstorming. What may be heard is, “Let’s throw out some ideas.”. However, what is unsaid and what may happen is the first idea that seems reasonable gets chosen. What happened? I thought brainstorming was thinking up many ideas, wild and crazy ideas, as many ideas as you can think up, and then think of some more ideas. Typically it’s not our inability to come up with ideas but rather our inability to let go of old ideas. Think about that for a minute. Simple techniques such as reframing and challenging assumptions are easy ways to get your mind primed to come up with new and innovative ideas.
A Brainstorming two-step:
Here’s a quick and dirty take on brainstorming.
• Reiterate the objectives and roles
• Give each member of the group post-it notes,
• Everyone writes their ideas on the post-it notes simultaneously,
• as they post it on the wall they verbalize the idea,
• Do it while moving around and standing up,
• keep going until the you have 100 ideas or the wall is full.
• Listen to others ideas and piggyback on them if you can.

Think of it as a dance, with movement and energy. The objective is to generate ideas and not to censor them. Every idea at the brainstorming stage is a potential good idea or one that could be the root of a great idea.

MixedA juicy challenge:
To test your juices, here is your challenge. Come up with 100 ideas on what to do with garbage. It may take you as little as 30 minutes or longer, just remember that the first few, ten, twenty ideas may just well be the sludge you need to get through before your brilliance can shine.

Try it, post it, share it here or on our facebook page, CR8-Infinitum

Four things you need to stop believing about creativity

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Four things you need to stop believing about creativity 1. Creativity is left brain vs right brain The human brain works in a lot of mysterious ways, but we’re learning more about it every day. Part…

susanna oreskovic‘s insight:

As I’ve always said, we are all infinitely creative. By our very nature, and how our minds work, we are creative beings. It’s about time we had conversations about what being creative means, and how we may recognize it in our day-to-day. It believe once you feel your creative power you’re on the road to self-actualization…. that is happiness!

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The Role of Color in Marketing [Infographics] | Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog

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Use color to your advantage across all of your marketing channels to improve brand awareness and drive purchasing.

susanna oreskovic‘s insight:

If you were a colour? Whether it’s for your business brand or your own personal brand, choose which colour that best represents you. Just like body language speaks volumes over words so does the visuals and colour speak volumes over the text on your website, publication or other media. So what colour are you?

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Hiding behind Busy

Dry Stone Wall English Peak District

It’s a rainy grey morning here in Montreal. Today I don’t have any firm deadlines to meet. My mind wanders to what I could tackle next and inevitably I land on reading through some blogs. The word “busy” percolates to the top of my mind. In one bloggers words as it relates to her dating approach, she says “I guess I have never made myself available in the past, masking the fear of responsibilities and commitment of having a relationship with the word ‘busy'”. I began to think this insight not only applies to ones’ success with dating but really to work and life in general. Think about it. How many times have you asked ‘how are you’ to a friend or colleague only to hear the reply “busy” or “busy busy” as one of my former colleagues used to say. If you catch yourself replying with the word busy, stop! and then add on “but not too busy to talk to you” or my favourite, “but I have all the time in the world”.

What is busy anyway? We all have a million things to do and how we choose what to act on now is a conscious or unconscious choice based on our priorities, or how we feel. Notice how I didn’t say priorities of importance. While it would be nice to do the important things first, generally we end up working on things we feel like until the 11th hour and a firm deadline. If you have never read the 7 habits of highly successful people and First things First by Steven Covey, I recommend them. He shows you how to organize your time into four quadrants; 1) urgent and important, 2)not urgent and important, 3) urgent and not important,  4) not urgent and not important. We spend a lot of time in the 4th quadrant which includes things like too much T.V. or social media and other time-wasting activities. We spend too little time in the first quadrant which includes the planning, preparation and creating our path.

What is your busyness approach? Are you hiding behind that word so that you don’t have to reveal how you feel or today’s challenges. It may not even be toward others but to yourself. You may be feeling overwhelmed and believe you are so so so busy. This busyness attitude may actually feed into your feeling of self-importance as well. Only you can do this task, or do it this well, you may think. We can actually create our own stress based on what we believe we must do and the self-talk we listen to. Don’t let you busy self stress you out. I find it amazing that some people can seemingly do everything with ease and some of us struggle to find time for one thing. Part of it is just perception and your envy coloring the picture. In reality we are all living our lives, full of activity and ups and downs. The secret is you have the power to chose how you want to live, how you want to think and how you want to feel. This power comes from what you tell yourself first then what you tell others. Those with the “busy” mindframe may miss out on some of life’s greatest adventures since they seem to have their minds buried in the busy pit.

Consider the next time you hear someone reply they are busy. Realize that they may well be masking their fears and hiding behind all those bricks called ‘busy’ that eventually creates a wall. Try to poke a hole in it, make a connection. Ask a question or invite them for coffee. Sometimes the busy ones feel a bit trapped and would welcome a helping hand out.

The Deepest Source of Motivation

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Forget the carrot and stick. Motivation and innovation come from a desire to help.

susanna oreskovic‘s insight:

Ask yourself the question WHY. Why are you doing your job? Why are you putting in the hours? Why are you doing what you do? Answer that and you have your core motivators, your true value that will lead you to your happiness and life satisfaction. The “why” is the motivation. Leaders who know this will have more engaged people. If you know your “why” you will be happier and more successful. It’s not what motivates you but why do you do it that is the source of motivation. Ask why.

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vintage social networking

vintage social networking

vintage social networking.

Social networking today is just another expression of how we communicate. Our needs for connection remain the same but the manner in which we do it changes. The cartoons by Wrong Hands is a funny glimpse into the past yet linked to the future.

Think about how this idea relates to the word “Change“. Some people fear change for loss of something, something they feel vested in. Change need not be feared because it is inevitable and is part of our collective progress and development. When you really think about it things don’t change in a fundamental way. We still need to share and communicate with one another and be made to feel we are part of some larger community. When facing new changes or a challenge, stop for a moment, and consider what has fundamentally changed and what has remained the same but just looks different. With this viewpoint I’m certain you will have a more positive outlook on life and actually look forward to what new adventures await you.