The Art of Self-Renewal: A Timeless 1964 Field Guide to Keeping Your Work and Your Soul Vibrantly Alive

>”The self-renewing man … looks forward to an endless and unpredictable dialogue between his potentialities an the claims of life – not only the claims he encounters but the claims he invents.”…

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I see now, I travel and learn new things as a way of keeping creative, fresh, alive and young. Here’s a great summary of how to live fully and avoid becoming fixed and rigid both with our individual selves and as a society. Much to learn here.


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UNMISTAKABLE CREATIVE | What Makes Someone Truly Wealthy with Tim Ferriss – YouTube

Wealth isn’t just about achievement, accolades and the accumulation of things. It’s about holistically building the life you want. Be as Creative as you can …

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What are your daily habits? It is said that what we choose to do daily will lead us to succeed.
It’s the little things we do repeatedly that make us!!!

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The Benefits of Risk

Andrew Findlay asks — is exposure to risk beneficial to our personal development?


Kids belong in nature to learn and explore. We all do. I love the idea that risk is always there in whatever we do. There is risk in too much technology, too much industry, too much pollution, to much of anything. So get outside a bit and live a little.

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What If Clients Don’t Really Need ‘Professional Photography’?

Author’s disclaimer: This article is aimed toward commercial, business-to-business photographers. Consumer photographers may get something from it as well,


Wonder what photographers offer that the average Joe can’t do? It’s all in the defining what is the need. It’s really about providing visual solutions to your business needs. Tools are one thing, skill is another, and a photographer is more than one to takes a picture. 
They make a picture, creating a visual story.


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Inside the worlds of Damian Siqueiros

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Interview with Damian Siqueiros, photographer and visual artist   Making Montreal his home now, Mexico-born Damian Siqueiros splashed onto the scene not less than five years ago. Fine and deco…

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Great interview on what makes this Montreal photographer tick. A must read.

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The problem beneath the surface

I just happened to be in the area on Saturday when the protest march in Montreal was underway. Thousands of people, young and old, were out walking to show their solidarity and opposition to the proposed Charter of Quebec Values.

I came across a gentleman who seemed to have identified the problem or what was not the problem. In that brief split second we understood each other. If only this was the case between all people in our society.

So often the problems we see are on the surface, are what is most obvious. It’s what irritates us the most. Yet isn’t it common wisdom that says when we encounter people that rub us the wrong way it is because we see something of ourselves in them, something we don’t particularly like. I’ve certainly seen this principle in action myself and been humbled by it. Perhaps accepting differences is a good thing and something to learn from. Maybe it’s the differences in this world that make it interesting, diverse and always changing. Who would want to experience only one colour when the full spectrum of the rainbow is more glorious.

When faced with a challenge, a difference, or something new, take a split second to look at it from all angles and all depths to find that unique point of view, that gem that perhaps others have overlooked. By doing so you too will be able to see what is the problem and what it really is not.

A creative mindset and spirit is not so much about talent or genius as it is about observing, being curious and presenting what is already there but that others cannot see.

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Looking for the Q?

Q squashQ ringQ Paint

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The thing about creativity is that it really is a state of mind. One of the simplest ways to engage with your creativity is to get out there and observe. Observation may seem so innocuous but it is the cornerstone of how we might get that innovative spark. What others miss or overlook we can see. What genius. So simple a concept, so powerful, yet many people are completely blind to it.

I took this challenge to go out and look for the Q. Today I went out without a particular place to go. All I had in mind was to keep my eyes open and to find letters in my surroundings. I thought about where I could find objects or things that resembled this unique letter. My first thought was “What could possibly look like a Q?” My mind wasn’t tuned in yet and I drew a blank. But as I mulled it over in my mind, exercising that creative muscle, what I thought was going to be difficult, in fact wasn’t so hard when you think about what a Q really is. It’s just a circle with a stick. That could be anything. So off I went.

The first thing I saw was a those plastic pull tags that seal around the cap of a milk jug or juice bottle. It looked just like a Q. It was right there in front of my eyes. Everywhere I looked I started seeing all kinds of letters– in tree branches, in railings, in floor tiles, and benches.

The secret to being more creative is first to look and see. How observant are you? Are you missing out on opportunities because you are too wrapped up in your own mind. Get out there and start looking for found letters. Make a project of it and do the whole alphabet. It will really get you seeing what is already in front of your eyes.

Slowing the work treadmill

fast fingers

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Harvard Business School Professor Teresa Amabile compares much of work life to running on a treadmill.

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If you’ve been working for a while you may feel like you are on a treadmill, and one that will not stop for say about 30 years. Eek, this was my realization as I proudly walked into my new big office job. What I’ve learned along the way is that being the best at your job or having the best team working with you is more about having that mental space than it is about pushing yourself or your team to do more and more, faster and faster. Having a common purpose, buying into the task, having meaningfulness, with time for reflection or incubation of ideas will spare you from becoming frazzled and burnt out and guarantee you your people will not be just punching the clock putting in face time.

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Are you ready for Superhero change?

Marvel Comics Superheroes Card GameComics FutureStars 1993Marvel Comics Superheroes Card Game

Fast forward to a scenario like this; our superhero is captured by the evil villain bent on world domination who inevitably declares, prepare to be diced, spliced, destroyed or otherwise DIE. Ah, the life of a superhero, rife with conflict both against the villain and within themselves. This conflict fuels a desire for change.

As we contemplate our next step either for ourselves or for others, we often ask if we are ready for change. What does this mean? Any changes that we want to see happen or that we may feel is happening to us are all part of the process in becoming a better person or a stronger superhero. We each have a unique superpower, a unique trait that can be used for good.

Cubicles in a now-defunct co-working space in ...

Part of the internal conflict that may be raging is that nagging feeling that you are more than what you are doing right now. Even if you are a cubicle dweller for the moment you can still hone and develop that superpower. Find every opportunity to use your powers. Are you the go to person for specific information, do you rally others in a cause, can you diffuse tense situations, do you come up with awesome ideas? There may be others around you that can spot your talents in action but you can’t be sure. You’ll have to don your cape and tights, figuratively of course, and show the world what you can do. A superhero has to be seen.

A desire to change may have stemmed from some form of conflict but it’s really your decision on how to approach it that matters. Embracing your unique strengths, working on using them, always getting better and learning are ways for you to get ready for change when it comes up. Change is another word for opportunity. When opportunity shows up you’ll be ready.


We think we want a peaceful and happy life without conflict, however we actually need some level of conflict and stress in our lives. It’s a good stress that stretches us to reach for bigger goals and dreams, to self-actualize and make the world a better place.

Embrace your inner superhero, go out and change the world, and believe in yourself to meet head on any challenges or challengers because, as we all know, the superhero always prevails.

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