The problem beneath the surface

I just happened to be in the area on Saturday when the protest march in Montreal was underway. Thousands of people, young and old, were out walking to show their solidarity and opposition to the proposed Charter of Quebec Values.

I came across a gentleman who seemed to have identified the problem or what was not the problem. In that brief split second we understood each other. If only this was the case between all people in our society.

So often the problems we see are on the surface, are what is most obvious. It’s what irritates us the most. Yet isn’t it common wisdom that says when we encounter people that rub us the wrong way it is because we see something of ourselves in them, something we don’t particularly like. I’ve certainly seen this principle in action myself and been humbled by it. Perhaps accepting differences is a good thing and something to learn from. Maybe it’s the differences in this world that make it interesting, diverse and always changing. Who would want to experience only one colour when the full spectrum of the rainbow is more glorious.

When faced with a challenge, a difference, or something new, take a split second to look at it from all angles and all depths to find that unique point of view, that gem that perhaps others have overlooked. By doing so you too will be able to see what is the problem and what it really is not.

A creative mindset and spirit is not so much about talent or genius as it is about observing, being curious and presenting what is already there but that others cannot see.

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