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Years ago I came upon Michael Bungay Stanier who put together The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun. As I was clearing out clutter that mysteriously seems to build up, I again came across my notes on these irresistible principles of fun.

Between you and me it was the promise of more fun that really drew me in. If it’s not fun then what’s the point.

You can check the 9 minute video on YouTube but here is a rundown on the 8 principles.

Get focused

  1. Stop hiding who you are. Find out who you are, then turn up the volume and be yourself.
  2. Start being intensely selfish – What impact or legacy do you want to have? Don’t waste your time on anything else.

Be creative

3.  Stop following the rules. Pretty much all rules are negotiable. It’s about what can you do.

4. Start scaring yourself – explore, be bold, outrageous. Seek out adventure.

Use your wisdom

5. Stop taking it all so damn seriously. It’s not life or death. Lighten up.

6. Start getting rid of the crap, the things, habits, memories, attitudes, people who weigh you down.

Take Action

7. Stop being busy. It doesn’t mean you are on the right track. If your digging in the wrong hole, stop digging.

8. Start something. Don’t wait for permission. There are always reasons to procrastinate. Just start.

"Fun, off the job keeps him on the Job&qu...

So many of us get so wrapped up in our work or the dramas that encircle our lives that we forget why we are here on this planet. I’d like to think we are here to experience everything life has to offer and a good part of that should be fun. I hope these 8 simple steps inspire you to just start something and have a helluva good time doing it.

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