How an adventurer starts a new venture

A Blue-footed Booby on Santa Cruz, Galapagos I...

A Blue-footed Booby on Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I am preparing for my eco-tourism trip to the Galapagos. As I mill around in my mind what I need to bring along to ensure my comfort and what activities I will be doing, I come to realize that I am using the very same process that goes into reaching a goal for any new endeavor. Travel is a great educator. Travel allows us to push our comfort zone, learn something new and experience how other people live. Travel has a destination, decided upon activities and goals, and when you look over your photos you are reliving the experience and putting it into context of your life.

Anything you do in life can be viewed as a voyage. Aside from the researching, booking and itinerary setting which is akin to the beginning stages of a venture such as the business plan and launching, here I’d like to focus on our frame of mind.

Goal Setting

Step 1: Envision what I will be doing  –  I imagine each part of the trip, from the plane ride, to the type of locale, to the activities I will be doing. I consider the climate, the altitude and what and how I will be carrying. Creating a vision or dream of what I want and how I want that experience to be is an important first step. The vision sets up the parameters of what I want. From there I can make adjustments and be flexible. I have no control of how actual events will unfold but I can control my own actions and perceptions.

Step 2: Establish my target or goal  –  While there are so many things to see and do we must choose based on constraints such as time, money or distance. By focusing on my goals and selecting what is most important I can then be more targeted and effective in reaching them.

Step 3: Plan my resources  –  Landing in Quito, Ecuador and exploring a few days we will be dealing with altitude just shy of 10,000 feet. It may be at the equator but at this elevation it’s much cooler and we may briefly experience headaches, thirst, and fatigue. This affects our choice of what to bring. Planning my resources involves deciding what I need, considering whether I have it, can acquire it, buy it or borrow it.

Step 4: Go through with it  –  As we travel we will undoubtedly be faced with unexpected situations. Knowing my surroundings, what resources I have will help in quickly solving the problem.

camera journal

Step 5: Document your experience  –  I hope to take great photos and write a travel journal. I can then take the experience and lessons learned forward to other exciting adventures. Reviewing our experiences allows reflection and provides insights which is where the learning from travel comes from.

Now, if you re-read the steps again and put yourself in the first person, reading from the “I” point of view, you may notice I am not really talking about my trip but just maybe your new venture or project.

Consider your next challenge, your next business venture, your next strategic partnership or alliance as an adventure trip. Adventures are not tackled headstrong without any foresight or planning. Sure there is a process to it but I would argue a good part of a great adventure is one’s attitude.


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