vintage social networking

vintage social networking

vintage social networking.

Social networking today is just another expression of how we communicate. Our needs for connection remain the same but the manner in which we do it changes. The cartoons by Wrong Hands is a funny glimpse into the past yet linked to the future.

Think about how this idea relates to the word “Change“. Some people fear change for loss of something, something they feel vested in. Change need not be feared because it is inevitable and is part of our collective progress and development. When you really think about it things don’t change in a fundamental way. We still need to share and communicate with one another and be made to feel we are part of some larger community. When facing new changes or a challenge, stop for a moment, and consider what has fundamentally changed and what has remained the same but just looks different. With this viewpoint I’m certain you will have a more positive outlook on life and actually look forward to what new adventures await you.

Tell me what you think.

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